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Touch the Stars With Me

It’s remarkable how my feelings for you
Transcend the boundaries of my mind,
Or that I want you still to touch the stars with me
So I can see their sparkle in your eyes.

I share with you the stories of my childhood…
Of laughter in the darkness,
Strawberries in the field and cows on the run.
It seems to give you peace somehow
And ease your longing when we’re done.

I’ve loved you for so very long
And from your ardent gaze, I know you love me too,
But your heart was cut so deeply
When she said she found someone new.

I pray to god to heal your heart
And to take the pain away,
Because I don’t intend to leave you, love
Like she did on that cold November day.

I like it that I can make you laugh
To help heal that crying place,
And I’m hoping you’ll come to touch the stars with me,
With your pain of love erased.

Sometimes, I’d swear, I see the sun
Or, maybe, it’s just that familiar fire in your eyes.
It’s then that you would lie with me,
Letting loose the heavy chains about your heart
And giving in to the pleasures of your prize.

When you’re not here
I take my walks amongst the trees
And sing my songs to soothe my swollen heart,
My spirit calming steady down
Flying upward, not caring where it’s bound.

If I could only know, my love
The way to hold you in my arms to stay…
Then I would love you in the open instead of quietly in my heart,
With our bodies touching, soft and gentle always
Our souls together…not apart.

By Terri Swingle

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