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13 Little ones

1-Woods edge the frozen shore

their etchings white and green

where sleeping ice awaits the warmth

to weep again the earth to life.


2-The awaken fall of reds and gold,

beautifies the day.


You speak of beauty in the field,

I nod my head and look at you.


For be it of nature, or be it of you,

beauty is beauty, alas there it parts.


For the beauty she sees will, never know that  it is,

while she’ll know of her beauty in my evening eyes.


3-The waking dawns begins

across the ancient woods

where orchid buds touched by heat

begin their journey out of dreams.


Freeing beauty from its shroud

that covers alters in their prayers

a silent meaning meadow born

where butterflies are safe to joy.


4-An offering on a winter’s vine.

Red berries dress the cold.

Feeding blue jays and a thrush,

while morning doves feed of the ground.


Cascading crows verse their life,

as twilight creeps into the hills.

Escorting  droplets from the clouds,

that fills the night with a cold wet mist.


5-When the scent of a honeysuckle fills the air,

happiness becomes an easy way.

Knowing its contentment in the months ahead,

as the pastoral summer will intoxicate the nights.


6-Beauty lies in silence

on the edge of sunrise,

where petals wait the light

to open to the warmth.


Fragile is the coming

if wounded by the chill.

For April is a fitful child

and tender are the buds.


7-The autumn knows the summer warmth

demised to the southern land

passing through the equinox

exacting bonds from perpetuity.


All is perfect in the seasons arc

around the tilting of the earth

sequenced within the high and low

as autumn feels the springtime chill.


8- A breast shaped drop of moisture

clings beneath itself.

Reflective by a soft snow light-

gracious evening note.


9-Winter misted sky.

A snow squall passes through.

Wild lively sanctity,

where silent waters flow.


10-This quiet is calming

like a perfumed breeze

of honeysuckles and roses

over marshes and fields.


A unity  of touching

between a feeling and scent

bestowing a happiness

to this summer afternoon.


11-The morning shivers in the chill.

Pastures lose their daily warmth.

As summer flowers dream once more

and autumn sorrows in its dusk


Truly passing weeps in grief

for every season exiled bound,

As hearts in all lovers past

when life was pure to a time yet known.


12-A sparrow on a fresh green branch

looks about in the coming dawn

where the mosaic sky begins to clear

and the sun awaits to bright the light

on its journey through the day

where all is peaceful in its time

as the weather returns to its softer side.


13-The marrow of limbs

are awaking in green

as the southern wind

shrouds the cold.


Centuries of tales

dialogue s the grass

as the newness of spring

rebirths its seeds.


Sparrows and blue jays

fly in the warmth

architects of reversion

in nature’s scheme.


A passage of change in the breath of life

exhaled from the breast of survival’s dust

renewing the vows from a seasonal divorce

as the millenniums of time shepherds the earth.











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  1. Absolutely stunning piece, fills the mind with lovely natural imagery! Love this.

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