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The Gifts

The three men did set out on Christmas Eve
Bob and John and the other one Steve

Where shall we go tonight and what can we do
we’ll follow that star for it will guide us through

It could be a long journey we will have to get some food
purchasing mature cheese called Mould will satisfy this brood

They had some good offers in the shop that night
I will buy that aftershave called Recompense, did solve Bobs plight

That night was a bit chilly as Steve did concur
with that he did buy a hat made of fur

The star grew brighter as it shone overhead
clearly illuminating a large garden shed

Weary and tired by their gruelling journey and in need of rest
all they could do is settle for second best

On entering this shed they found they were not alone
a mother a father and the child unknown

This child’s first Christmas and not a present in sight
the three men said, the poor little mite

The three man gave their shopping away
and it’s still talked about to this very day


Mould, Recompense and Fur

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