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like I’m missing my shoe I done lost my (soul)

they say I’m broken (broke in) I don’t steal from homes
I swear that I been (bend) different but my arm isn’t broke
life’s a trip the world is cold I ain’t pack my coat
niggas changing too (change in to) like a new set of clothes
a lotta bs I’m only 17 though
life is a bitch and she too damn bad still fill fine though
I have seen a lotta dark stuff when i was  little like i had a blindfold
I could rhyme and think of good shit to say bout a life of no hope
my heart is smaller than Kevins and that isn’t even a joke (Kevin Hart)
tryna keep my head high while my back is on the ropes
try explaining but the ones on the outside can’t see  in like 5% windows
every time I’m right they wanna say I’m wrong
sad I had to see my cousin with the coffin(coughing) now you know that that’s cold
ever gave a shit if you died, had cried, many times now tell me whatchu know
life? my parent never really plan it (planet) like pluto
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