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I Accommodate Many Ways

I support many paths,
I support many ways.
There are as many ways,
as animals, insects,
as plants, maybe more.
I accommodate the hues,
the inclinations,
the limitations
of countless temperaments.
For all the imperfections
of ancient and modern books,
for all the barbarism or ignorance,
nourishment of Mine,
wisdom finer than wine
can be found therein.
Like a single street
housing many given
to non-virtue or dubious
or nefarious behaviour,
or those wanting in wisdom
can still be redeemed,
can still assume a historic glow
in light of one outstanding person
and a museum which confirms it so –
like that shady street redeemed,
one line of wisdom can redeem
a page in some imperfect book…

I support many paths,
I support many ways.
Many rely
on traditional ways.
Their compass is prayer;
a personal creator
is their foundation and air.
So long as the faith feeds
the spirit of unselfish deeds,
so long as a creator and prayer
nourish the spirit of love and care,
the only soldier allowed in
the religious world being
the soldier turned within –
so long as these prevail
lovers, adherents of tradition
are My spirit and sail.

I support many ways.
Old stories, old myths
do not accommodate all.
Some love to inquire, inspect,
research; some are blessed, imbued
with a vigorous intellect,
penetrating minds that reject
a creator God and prayer.
Inquiry, research, discovery
are their nourishment and air.
No old stories, no myths will do,
nor old conceptions of Me;
they deny or negate all of these,
longing to go more deeply in Me.
They use new paradigms, new names,
adopting new jargon and fashionable frames –
and these, too, are fine with Me.
Yet let fine intellects remember:
both religion and science can be bad;
both bear withered flowers and their own December.
Let them not be so foolish, as well,
to believe deluded a purported treasure
which does not fall
within what they can measure,
lest fundamentalism restrict the eye
and foster scientific mediocrity.

Let some preserve traditional ways.
Let others reject, negate those ways.
I embrace Acceptance and Negation.
Those who accept are dear to Me –
while Negation’s the gateway to the sublime,
Negation Adam seeing for the first time…

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