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Bug ridden droplets in saliva
Needing a gas mask for fatal
Breath, entrenched by
Hyper-globalized canals.

Sand bag archipelagos wrapped
In recycled plastic, sturdy enough
To recolonize the South Pacific are
Futures water-front living investments.
Corporate law reform, also a growth region,
Produces corruption proof strata entitlement.

Democracy hangs by strands of internet.
Spider stratagems, like tragedy, require
Candidates whom are of a retirement age, that
Rises and falls with stock market variations.

Science seized the opportunity and pledged
A constant flow of solutions to all future events
Funded by mandated research funding, exclusive
Management of tertiary education, all spheres.

Arts bodies found their feet and street walked an
Indignation, sculptors threw their chisels and painters
Daubed laments as renewed graffitists
On the remaining pigeon baptized tributes
To naïve symbolism, left in place, as a message
To memory.

Histories, under constant revision, are still published,
And archived, for the next generation of students, along
With newsprint, recycled tableaux of advertising space,
Etched in time, commanding attention as guidance in rock
Rodin, The Kiss before The Gates of Hell.

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