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Ha actual moon thangz

Thinking moon thangz under moon beamz to the most moving of musical melodyz and lyricz befitting them lyrically lyk itz literally meant to be, but way mo me, so you know itz gon be way mo sweet and sugary before it disappearz completely, az every moment after is ever more fleeting it seemz, with my terrible memory

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  1. yurd, stands for, “you are heard” in urban dictionary
    I sent you a link so you check it out, but got a message saying:
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    • You are heard ha thatz cool, not to be confuzed with you a herd, az in, of cowz you chubby bastard haha

  2. King mirror candy, your poemz have me drunk like brandy, some sort of otherworldly vibez, me and you I think, come from the same tribez

  3. The type of tribe where inspiration pullz like a tide, and pushez us to write in rhymez whatz inside our heartz and mindz, and bring it owtside to shine like a knife in darkness, that reflectz the light, reppin the sharp wit that im equipped with through the use of lyricz that exhibit that my shitz the shit, spitting wickedness with a devilish grin like every syllable l used in this was soaked in sin haha

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