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Corny ending tbh

What if a zombie fell in love with a wisp
As her smoke drifted over his rotten flesh,
it was mistaken for a hug and a kiss
And for a time, she completely enveloped him in shared bliss
their perfect silence saying anything needing said
Then with a light breeze on a summer night they shared together
She evaporated like a careless thought in the zombies head
Leaving him with only the thought of if she even cared or even existed
Haunting his heart
He didn’t want to smoke he just wanted did it for the toxin
He didn’t want to break the walls, but he had to, boxed in
Couldn’t care less, love that the smoke reminds me of you
Then it drifts away like an airplane into the blue, across the ocean, into the cold
Two aces one look at you I fold
Can’t Remember when I started to love the thought of the world burning
Don’t think I’ve gained much from the heart on my sleeve except the feeling of my stomach churning
Rant about the wheel of how I feel turning
Won’t kneel before you to gain reprieve
Never make noises but from pain, minecraft Steve

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