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Who cares, sorta alive, apples n pears

My mind is breaking
Like poe’s quoth the raven
There’s no one I’m saving
Not even the radiant maiden
My mind dark and dangerous
Asshole, cantankerous

Why is it when I open my mind hatred always creeps in
I can’t even tell this to my kin
They look at me like I had red and green skin
I don’t even begin to care about the win
I been sidelined all game with a broken heart
Wish I could go back to the start
Just to stop
Put my heart on the table and watch the floor drop

Sometimes I picture everything on fire
Someone tell me why that makes me smile
Too far gone situation well past dire
Not moving an inch to see a green mile
They tell me there’s no one to call sire
But there’s been rulers in the shadows since a sun dial
Tom gaynor they call him allday that’s my rap/poetry idol
Softgrungeloverap name even makes me smile
Takes me to days I was like 16 buying drugs on the internet
Only 20 now my god can I finish yet
Only here to catch a baddie in some fishin net
Catch me at 4:19 like why we ain’t spliffin yet
Then I ask that woman why I ain’t seen the kitten yet
That’s misogyny to cover for the fact I really hate you all
That’s misdirection so you won’t see me hit a brick wall
Sick in the head schooldays spent sitting in the hall
Cold on the inside like a barn after fall
Look in the mirror see a Monster, like the book by Allan hall

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