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5 rose bushes I stand by in the rain
I hear distant thunder and smell a roses sweet
Terpine vapor on my breath and in my brain
Electrons become waves and a man in chains rhymes heat
Nearby in the sky purple lightning lashes
They say if you love her let her go
Back to her my mind flashes
And what does a cage flying away with your heart inside look like, I know
You made my insides a Tesla coil, warmed my heart till I felt the blood boil
After we lay together waking alone brings some strange pain
Wonder who I would be if I had never loved her
Im fine, hold it inside my mind, my life is a train,
I’m a semi-conductor

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  1. “Wonder who I would be if I had never loved her” Who knows?
    At least you know you are capable of love, some can’t love. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 hopefully I will have something a bit less sad to share soon.

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