“What Happend 2 Born 2 Ride n the USA?”


“Nobody Gives 2 Fucks”

30 years stay’t true
outkasted with no escape
tried my hardest my whole life
as of right now everythings a waste
no wonder why peeps put a gun to the face
what would you do if you never felt love
riches?  where are they never seen em
women? where they been i never missed one
culture? what happend to me and you
cant even knock on a fools door
so confused no way to go
make my house a home
this a shit world
30 years for nothing
a scrap in the boneyard
busted my ass for no real reason
been at deaths door nobody to hold me
the thought of dying alone every single day
grip my pillow so tight damped with tears an devotion
seized up paralyzed in the dark no reapering dealt
nightmares sweat an rapid beats tearing apart my veins
i guess God gave up on a real man a long time ago this ain life
theres must be more to this story this isnt possible its not real
fuck all you fuck everyone equally i hate you till the end my days
i hope you rott in hell with me an realize how shitty a place you live in
im done im out no outlet no where to resort so fuck it my bullets gonna rang
grow up find a soul accept change an market capital because thats all you have left
2 donuts later your crack lab turned into a man burned up in prison  crucified for your stone
die slow im grown die slow you will never know die slow you are going the wrong trail an path
ring ring ring on libertys bells
ring on
ring on
ring on



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