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i will redo it when my guitar get here for my youtube channel i really can rap about anything that has been in my life.

I’m not a bad person I just be filled with rage and sadness, most times i don’t know how to fully express my self i dont how to feel ,but this one special or will be special because i also play a little guitar and i want to make my own music,   RAP/RNB/HIP ROCKSTAR ,SUMN LIKE THAT

im truly broken but i gotta stay strong forreal


yeh she my cinderella baby meet me at the ball

she knows that  I got problems that no one can solve

even with a phone I still had no one  to call

yeh i go through shit but she not gone (stall)

i had to cuff her as if  she had broken the law

and we on top-lit but no cop car’

she says i be shining i think that I’m her wishing star

cause when she asks ima give her my all

i know they be hitting on her but no assault

but she gonna always be close she want take that far

theres more to it this a draft i will make it better

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