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Beauty is the abstract, emotion
I’m drinkin potion
Life is waves like the ocean
I hear commotion
It’s somewhere above me
Hatred somewhere lovely
Don’t believe me come see
In the dark you can’t see
Matter of the heart I’m antsy
Dying more like dancing
Rhyme because I can’t sing
I’m flying, no im prancing
Kneel before no man king
They pillage like it’s Nanking
While we waste our wish on mad bling
Tragic or a sad thing
This matter has my heart pleading
Time to stop thinking and start being
Close your eyes and start seeing

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  1. In some way, you touched my heart with joy with this poem Bravo! By the way, thank you for reading my poem it meant a lot

    • Thank you my friend. I was inspired to start writing again by a couple people on this site, yourself included. Inspiration is a two way street 🙂

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