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6am revelations

For the first time I see myself with no mirror
Banishing Desmond the demon has my thoughts clearer
Opened the door and let him in thought I was so clever
But you cannot spring a trap when the enemy holds the lever
So instead I became familiar, believing strife would die
Stooping ever lower,proclaiming verticality a lie
7 years an atheist, now ethereal divinity I cannot deny
Angels and devils do exist, the war for heaven in the mind
Have you ever done something evil, then asked yourself oh why
You allowed a demon in, then obeyed it for a promised high
Demons don’t keep promises, and they’re oh so sly
But you can be a god, you’ll feel it if you try
Identify the deception, integrate the pain, it may be necessary to cry
Accept responsibility for it all, A W A K E N
no longer sitting idly by
Your progress on the souls path will soon cease to stall
For one to fight the abyss, first it must be known
Consciousness is Godlines,not trapped by flesh and bone
We are of one mind, and that mind sits the sacred throne
Fear not, my family, even the darkest terrors born of night
All that is, is, because we give it light

Guidance on demand
If you wish to meet G.O.D
It’s the thing that moves your hands
Where do thoughts come from?

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