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yeh that girl know about all of my pain

no wrestling move but I swear yo body bangs

not tryna be Goku but I’m just saying   (Goku Super Saiyan)

you’re my valuable lost luggage I found you now I must claim

guitar vibes she gave me the voice  to sang

I swear I couldn’t walk but she by my side like a cane

ya sweet and shining like some candy paint

you all for me, vice versa yeh shawty and me like the same

[ just be my side and my problems will go away

they said I was trash im your treasure don’t throw me away

beauty and the beast yeh she keeps all of my demons tamed

she like her boys broken )but no home invade

(broke in, like a robbery XD^^

she wanna fix, wanna work on me I’m like I’m some kind of machine

shawty caramel dark chocolate she looks as good as she tastes

yeh umbrella she covers me from the rain

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