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even during the darkest night
the Stars tirelessly share their light
One must crawl, walk then run, perhaps take flight
One may respond with love confronted by spite
One is in a pond with life and this fish won’t bite
One can’t stare at the Sun, far too bright
but is One truly blind, for having lost their sight?
Does One posess another vision, with far more might?
may One stay with you, even if just for tonight?
As the dawn breaks, back on the Path to end One’s own plight
head riding the air waves, may One become a kite?
that the Sky and Ocean are both so blue, coincidence?
could every thought be One that’s true, deliverance?
does One see the Path ahead as paved, deliberate?
or does One feel sorrow for tomorrow, and for yesterday regret?
has One fallen in love with thoughts sweet and poisonous, like cigarettes?
because One can read, is One not illiterate?
can One be asleep, even though not still in bed?
how can One change shape, but cast the same silhouette?
can One destroy the mind, that a new one may fill the head?
in doing so, may One be lighter as if spilling lead?
Do tell, has One begun to feel it yet?

Deny the lie, embrace the Sky, claim the first prize of no disguise
this One does not claim to have never done a brutish thing,
But true to the tune of the heart, even brutes may sing

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