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War prayer

Ace of swords ready to do battle
Something like the young wolf, except born of cattle
In this world you are expected to keep your head down, don’t meddle
To that these words, cold metal
Only thing as sharp as the sword, mental
One is like 3.14159
Get it, transcendental
Travel in groups, strong in tribal herds
To that, when has One heeded sheep’s words
Stand up and be heard
Ready to stand up and be hard
Only faith with the One, stars and card
In a world of religion, spirit and mind barred
In a world of spirit, weight of the universe bared
Earth Air Water Fire, One Path declared
fight or flight, but of this enemy, One is not scared

for this vessel, One sees the future
too deep, manic, with heavy bleeding, when One will receive no suture
Peace not panic, deep not heavy breathing
One is f***ed, no Camasutra
Before Ones Path ends, One will seed Ones truth to ya
The feeling that makes you say booyah
Is not all We are out here to do, uh
One’s struggles are made for them
Even if One is replaced by a clone, Identical to the bone
the One Mind We share will always sit the throne
We are given all, time is the present
if One writes a love poem, do not ponder whether to send it
One is meant to walk The Path of the Ascendant
destroy the chains of group-think
to taste the Water of life, One must go well past the soup-sink
to breathe sweet Air free from strife, One must breathe into the next life
to be cleansed in the sacred warmth of Spirit-Fire, One must work as if unable to tire just to be One here on this sacred Earth, One has to have endured the tests of countless births
We are here as it is meant to be
has One’s poem jogged another’s memory?

sink/swim, soften/sharpen
Of these words harken
nourish The Light, to brighten/darken

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