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What Was That Radiance?

In female form I came to you
and you were enamored of her.
So what was that radiance about her?
Two other beauties often brushed by you
and they bore no light of indifference.
Fine figures and faces flowering too
fine thoughts yet rippled no radiance
nor elusiveness seeping into you.
Misunderstandings, untimeliness, fear
and other wheels drew her away from you.
Though imagination had played a part,
like a lie which may yet enfold a truth,
you espied the radiance in her heart.
But you were immature then: love wanted depth
to be the growing child of being apart.
One night, when you were ready and strong,
through a dream I revealed myself to you,
radiance without center, circumference,
that radiance you had longed for all along.

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