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Your Room

The whole world
is in your room.

One mind.

A violent image relished
and that relished image
will worm its way
into countless other brains.

One violent image
may be
amplification enough
to propel a murderous thought
into murder
countries away…

The whole world
is in your room.

One mind.

A pure thought,
or compassion wearing
a would-be deed
may be
deed enough
for a community countries away
to feed on altruism.

Someone you’ve never met
and will perhaps never meet,
who has never heard of you
or read a word from you
may still taste your spirit,
still taste its nectar
waking up one morning,
inexplicably elated,
seeing through his window a snowfall,
the heart of spring still stated…

The thoughts thought in your room,
the writing done in your room
bear the seeds of your companionships,
seeds of what grows between lovers.

Your room is not made of walls
nor contains a desk or bed or chair.
Your room is made of precious gems
called attention and care.

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