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One man who needed love

Hey Cody, I know I didn’t know you well
But I can’t say for certain, you weren’t raised in your own personal hell
I can’t say I blame you, for just wanting to bail
I don’t know what you felt, but I know how it feels, when you just want to be at sea, but have no ship to sail
I don’t know how it feels to be numb, and the only familiar language braile
But I know how it feels to feel you will only ever fail
I don’t know I’ve ever spoken of it, but I’ll never forget your tale
Wish you could have gone wherever you decided, like a letter in the mail
Thinking of those times in math class, you would do the Russian accent
If I could, I’d tell you I loved you back then
I promise to muster enough love for the both of us, and strive to show enough for at least a few more
Wish I was less shy then, to have shown the same humor
Maybe that outlet would have been a new door
Can only offer could’ve been and wishes, didn’t act then, and it still stings like a few swords
Wish I had more to say, but I only have these few words
This is my prayer for your soul

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