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Oversharing anyway

There are positive and negatives innumerable to all things
Personally this One knows many that living in an upside down pyramid shaped fantasy brings
Brainstorming, but never with the lightning forming
Holding thoughts and chemicals close that are cleanly and poisonous, like chlorine
Poison in the dose, spent years comatose
Try as you might to respect the doorman, you never call him the door king
Might that make him feel that lay down on the floor sting?
Our energy is our effigy the god that sends the champion, which does yours bring?
Would our sun not cook all, if not for the shadows morphing?
Balance the darkness and truth, I was young and numb, physical and spiritual morphine
Not sure where I was, but it sure wasn’t Kansas, Dorothy
Magically dangerous, loving turned cantankerous, sums the story
Sacred love I taught to bore me
All must do my will, but only human still, how could anyone bare me
Then I found a little bear with which to share me
Clung the bears fur, in every poem this is her, threaded hair I clung to now threadbare
Think she caught a glimpse behind the eyes into this headscare
Pharisee’s fallacies ruled me and seemed to rule the galaxies
We need wood for warships cut down the trees, but in what world can Mars appease, when there is no air left for victory to breathe

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