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The Player

When is it ok to stop loving someone?

Is it when the silence of solitude is deafening?

Or is it when you don’t think of the person of all?

I wish I could that after you

But yr kiss is still on my lips

And yr cologne is still in my medicine cabinet

I take a sniff when I want to make love to you

But yr latest fiancee probably in yr bed

And wearing yr engagement ring;

One of many rings you keep in yr drawer

I wonder if she enjoys yr ability to have a boring conversation

Always talking about yr future jobs

Or the latest ride you want to possess

Now,  that I think about it

I think I am over you

And I will throw away that bottle of cologne

It’s stinking up my cabinet

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  1. It’s ok to stop loving someone when they let love blood run, if they set your heart in fire have a funerary pyre. Once you’ve done all you could, consider it deadwood. Let it burn and as the smoke rises, new wheels may turn.

  2. Sounds like an energy- vampire, narc., you were the only one in love,
    these people get bored easily, finding new adventures to obtain attention/fuel.

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