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Forgiveness is a powerful energy
understanding that each person has
their own process
and a different perception of their life
and life in general.

When we are able to separate from our ego
and realize that other people’s actions, reactions,
thoughts and patters have more to do with them
than us, then we’re able to see and forgive easier.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

We’re at different vibrational frequencies
once we accept this and are able to feel it
is the beginning of self healing.
Forgiveness does more for the one forgiving than the forgiven.

Forgive those who’ve hurt you,
Yourself included!

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  1. Wisdom, I’m glad you shared, friend. I forgive you. That is to say I believe this poem three, might I give you four? Sometimes you must forgive another, but still close the door. The mixtures of energy may resonate, well below the floor.

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