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Ice blossom

The way my nose tastes the frost
Reminds me of all the love things lost
Seasons change but always rain
Few things remain that always spark in my brain
Cold air, I’ll always love you

Bringing snow down, a great white curtain
I love the taste of you for certain
Love the way you touch my cheeks, flirting
Makes me smile and blush even if I’m hurting

You would take my heat away, and I might let you
Might be the only thing I’ve said true
You feel familiar, and pure, like a rosary
Even when it’s hot out, you, so close to me

Want to retreat deeper, into winter
As I do, reality stings like a splinter
Why can I not be a magician
Pull from the cold sky the things for which I’m wishing

See the hole in the cold eyes, with which I’m fishing
Candle in a blizzard
Cold blooded lizard
Logical feast, emotional famine
Tropical beast, devotional plague

Can only think about feelings,
Can’t sink, standing on cielings
Cold air, the final reason I love you
Old prayer, I finally find I am of you

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  1. I love the line about the rosary. The whole poem is simply perfection Bravo!

  2. Some very interesting lines, I like the flow and rhyme of this.

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