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and i feel sick
just for a while
and you say
its just a smile

or its other
ones right now
just do not gloat
just stay a while

for the lonely
and the sick
for the wicked
wild fix

that you survived
and you provide
and you so willing
to divide

a moral viper
drink me dry
a corset envy
hell-bend pride

weak and weary
hold them close
and soon your throat
is overthrown

fix the words
inside your friends
assign me curses
make amends

with wicked whims
to sit me still
on stone of wire
high-fed pill

i feel this burn
within my skin
an ember tired
fired sin

and was it worth it?
not a breath
for yours a vibrant
vacant death

with what you wish
i see you still
and you are nothing
pointless still

and you are nothing.



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  1. Good ink! Let them have it, though they’ll never get it.

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