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Whenever I think of L♡VE,
all I really envision is Y♡U.


Words brought us together.
They allowed me to get her.
Now I continue t’share a few.


Yes, I take them everywhere.
So I know that they’ll be near.
That’s jus how I show I care.
I’ll admit it.


It’s true.


I’ve got this obsession.
Despite some rejection.
This need t’follow through.


I started it.
I’ll finish it.
That’s what I do.


Do you know how it feels,
to pour you’re everythin’ into
this outlandish dream that
no-one else can see but you?


Where no-one else believes,
but you.


Where nobody else grieves,
but you.


Well, I do.


It keeps me awake mos night’s.
It keeps me up late mos night’s.
It’s like I don’t sleep mos night’s.
It’s like I’m in too deep mos night’s.


Tryin’ to garner a clue.


As t’how I’ma make all of these
dreams that my heart schemes,
at times to the fullest extremes,
come completely true.


But, I think I might’ve FINALLY
had a break through.


And I owe it all to this cell phone
that’s always been hella known
t’be there for my every thought
‘n crazy idea that I construe.


On my Galaxy Note II.


Fingers crossed..


-rome ©2017

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  1. “I started it. I’ll finish it. That’s what I do.” That line struck out with me because I do the same. Overall, a heartfelt piece. Never a dual moment when it comes to reading your work. Well done.

    • Team No Quit!

      Always appreciate you, J-rid.
      Thank you, so much, my friend!

  2. Was singing this as I read it! I like the presentation of the problem and the solution! Great poem and I wish you luck in your endevours

    • So happy to hear this read that way.
      I plan on turning a few of these into spoken word pieces.

      Hopefully they sound the way they were meant.. If I do them justice.

      Glad you stick by my word’s.
      Thanks, my friend!

  3. Another mesmerizing adventure with a solid finish, my friend 🙂 Props to you!

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