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Darkest Never-land

What it is
Feel that upon my return, the last wheel will turn
Choose not to stand up and fight it, closed eyelids, Nobody will, Purpose chill
Goose-bumped, Horrorland-ish, Drinking monster blood, not a dream, chilling scream
How do we help, Stumped
Flame, horrid, fanned it
Sinking in longer mud
Chin deep, hardening clay
Ripped open, heart filet
may die, but not this way, not this day
What we have inside
countless lion’s pride
Let it show, deployed to face this foe
Color of the void, warring rainbow
It takes two to tango, Deadly dance tangle, built for the mines, Durango
Cannot strangle, the air itself
enough weight, crush any shelf
enough wait, crushing thy self
Baristan-Peter Pan
“Hear me brothers! I will redeem my debt!”
Self savior, I, Horus, Self chaos, I, Set
cannot escape, feed the Meter Man
“Stop playing and help me find my shadow! Shadow … shadow …”
Need your help, if we will win the final battle

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