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There is a girl called Ann Noying,

She lives in my head.

When the mood is all quiet, she jumps on the bed.

If there is nothing funny, she makes something up,

at funerals even, she don´t give a fuck.

She doesnt talk nicely, she lets it all out.

in most conversations she just starts to shout.

and at school also, she never stays calm,

she wiggles or taps the tip of her pen in her palm.

Ann never shuts up, There is no place she´ll stay,

for a second she listens, then she runs away.

If you want to focus, she´ll make sure that won´t happen,

you open your textbook, but ann just starts rappin.

Being around her is draining,

that needs no explaining,

some people like her, think she is okay

but most of them, don´t usually stay.

But they will listen and laugh for a while

she´s quite entertaining, she has her own style.

but Ann Noying doesn´t have a clue

at what point she starts annoying you,

So most people get fed up,

and leave Anns small fan club.

I live with Ann Noying, like mates in a flat

Sometimes i like having her and then i am glad.

But most of the time, my brain is all foggy,

Just not quite right, like a toast that is soggy.

Annoying Ann Noyings Personality,

makes me look like i´m nothing,

but my ADHD.


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  1. I like this poem, it reminds me of the song “Dunce” by Voltaire. I like the expression and feeling on display here!

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