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A Monotone Existence

Sinking. Sinking.
Drowning upon my own words.
If only those smiling,
Knew how much it hurts.
I am swimming, I am tired
I don’t know when it will end.
Perhaps in these lonesome tides
I am sure to find a friend.
Choking. Choking.
But I cannot break this silence.
How can I ask for help,
When I do not have the guidance?
I am laying in my bed,
But these eyes they never sleep.
How can I dream,
When my soul has grown so weak?

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  1. Maaan l think im overthinking, though l know im stinking, l smell like drinking what l felt like before my glass start clinking, hit rock bottom and kept sinking, underneath rock bottomz where my spirit is sleeping, smelling like pebble shitz, bit a rock bottom and my muthafukn tooth chipped haha dwayne the rock johnson with a butt flex saw my frowny face and turned it round with a suplex, and left me wondering what the fuk to do next, if you have any suggestionz then be my guest and suggest haha

    • walk the path you see, believe things will fall int o place and they will, almost magically.

      • Here’s to hoping so!

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