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Bye Bye Mr.Ex man (18+)

I check my phone and oh god its you
My ex who hasn’t messaged me in a year or two
You came along and asked and begged
All I have to say is “Get pegged 🖕”
How many times do I need to tell you
“I don’t miss you back ex boo”
When do you get to decide when we are talking
There’s a reason I did all that blocking
I don’t want you back for I got much better
and I never had to ask him for a love letter
What happened to that same ex calling me a whore
What you can’t get any girls who can suck like me anymore?
You can pretend you want to be friends
But I don’t feel like making amends
You claim to “miss me”
But I’ve been so free
So if you have nothing more to say I’m heading to bed
Because there is no little you in my head

Not anymore

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