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Poem 57, a kind of twisted heaven

Tonight I stared at the fact I’ll probably never see you again.
Fighting, I cared, my last act a wish I could still be your friend.
lighting the murky water of my mind with this pen.
I took a deep breath, now, let us find Cthulhu’s den.
Lightning feeds flesh, head full of static, I see you… then,
A daffodil, my last pill, finally turning past the wheel, could this be true…


down here,

in the dark?

A tentacle touches my heart, I no longer fear the spark.
Love on pentacle crutches, I thought I did my part.
It hits me in the temple like Petr Yan,
“I am Peter Pan.
I gotta grow up, leave never land.
I never really show up, are we the severed hand?”

So many, I didn’t befriend them,
I can taste the venom.
There’s a thousand letters, I’ve not wrote.
If I die
I cannot send them
So here’s to flowers and sweaters
Banana pie
And to sentiment.

I love this creature
For it will never have a leash
I touch the Aether
As it begins to feast

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