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made a wish on a meteorite
wanna know how it go so i tell u, aight
i kiss u after we meet at night
i open my heart and you see inside
you decide to be my pride
back to the start my demons died
then my vision fades, my well of dreams is dried

losing you has me petrified
your lips had mine electrified

and i just wonder who i was, from your perspective
was i following some kinda demonic directive
if i look thru your eyes will i find lies or some kind of angel eclectic
was i a zombie and you my hecate
make me cry for my mommy then shout heck it

never built something like this, guess i’ll wreck it
I’m still writing songs but i just miss you necked
at least that’s what i tell myself
emotions so heavy they break the shelf
losing my mind but its fine if i’m banking wealth
might use it against me, so i don’t take the help

if you feel alone just crank it up
find the juice you own and just drank it up
wherever were going, were all gonna make it bruh
and if i’m gone, at least the sound of my voice can stay with ya

funny how i miss the things i hated
funny how things i love just get nitrated
it go salty then explode
lost during the flight, land at night, info faulty, wheres the road
if your heart is heavy, share the load
even if we polar opposites, like a pair of nodes
we can still be rocking shit, different programs on the same code
i’m in multiplayer on a different game mode
nobody really got it, i’m bubonic, hooked on phonics, cooked off chronics
ready to k o
you still up in my brain tho
screaming at a memory this is what i say yo

Y’all make me sick
like spoonfuls of mayo
y’all make me tick
like seconds in the day go

staring at the sun
philosize like Plato (poets get to make words up for syllabic reasons)
i just wanna run

like kids off the yayo

if you feel love
just say so

i got like 30 seconds
listen up if you ain’t heard the message
if you feel like a nerdy mess n’
want people to say your the best
remember when its done we get eternal rest
so accomplish all you can, on this infernal quest

3:27 AM 4/29/2021

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