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Endlessly Living

Finding new ways to cook eggs that satisfy my taste
Contemplating my belonging with the human race
Brushing all the goddamned tangles out of my hair
Wondering why my mother never seemed to care
Here I am, again, endlessly living
it’s not quite thrilling

Breathing in the scent of morning before the work begins
Hoping against hopeless hope that god won’t mind my sins
Falling in love with music, new art to explore
My hollow carcass finds no comfort, I know I’m a whore
Here I am, as always, endlessly living
it’s unforgiving

Coming up with signatures for vandalism art
I think there’s something wrong with me, my brain can’t reach my heart
Feeling like I’d won a war as the the claw dispensed my prize
I’ve never told a living soul I cannot trust my eyes
Here I am, neverending, always living
The tradeoffs are a real bitch and a half
Won’t someone save me from the lashes of his wrath

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  1. Yo, idk bout your god but Helios says put salsa on your eggs and we shining.

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