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Every poetry site is different
in some sites they prefer low carb. meals
at others opulent dishes
I know a site where neither
it’s mostly made up of chefs, I know.. strange!
most have left but few still cook there,
the chef must be ready to eat and wash his own dishes.

Bon Appetit!




Funny Christmas chef cook. Modern Santa cooking. Joyful Father and snowman - happy winter time. Funny Christmas chef cook. Modern Santa cooking. Joyful Father stock images ********Beautiful brunettte woman professional chef holding fresh salmon fish sticking tongue out happy with funny expression stock image

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  1. The trouble with many poetry websites is that poets’ responses are typically based on the following: “I-SCRATCH-YOUR- BACK-YOU-SCRATCH-MINE”. In my view, responses should have to do with the poetry only. One responds because the poem has good qualities – or at least potential. One expresses gratitude to the poet for having made a positive contribution. Or one encourages budding writers.

  2. How quaint of you to stop by my humble bistro and have bothered to read my menu. I was SHOCKED, unexpected, I’ll take it as an honor. Nice to see a reaction to my bitter lentil soup and sourdough bread. I don’t mind scratching backs, I see it as social interaction(my view). I respect your views grand chef, and those of others, I mean that SINCERELY. I’m only an apprentice, I know I suck at cooking and what I serve is not quality. It’s not my intent to offend, but if I do or did, I can’t control reactions. I won’t apologize for being me, sincere/crazy… for expressing my views & sense of humor which to most is not funny nor has anything to do with poetry.
    Have a Funtastic Day!

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