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Romeo’s back…

After more than a year missing, since April
of last year to be exact.
My ex-boyfriend, Romeo, showed-up this month.
He appeared at my door the day of my birthday with a pink balloon.

Now he’s trying to warm up to me and get back in my life.
He sent me this proposal in an e-mail last night.
This is what he wrote.

My Dearest Cutest Sweet-Baby Towita,

I was thinking I should move-in with you,
because a beautiful woman such as yourself
should not live alone… too many predators.
You need protection, a strong male figure.
I think I’d look great sitting in your sofa
watching T.V. all day, for security reasons, that is!
and to deter others, of-course!
your dearest Romeo

I couldn’t believe what I’d read, how dare him!
after he left without even saying good bye.
I heard he was seeing a girl named Mary, a lady-bug,
who lives on the next garden to mine, and that they
had a fight. So now he needs a place to stay and is
back pretending to care about me.
This is what I wrote to him.

After you disappeared I was devastated, I filed a missing
boyfriend’s report and even put out fliers with your picture,
trying to find you. You’re nothing but a player, a common
grasshopper, hopping from green grass to greener grasses.
You’re too worldly for me.

I’m more spiritual now, I practice yoga, meditate
and drink green tea. I’m into spiritual men now.
I met this gorgeous guy who meditates and prays,
his name is Peter, he’s been coming by the garden frequently.
Peter is a handsome Praying Mantis and I find him honest,
someone I can trust.

I think you should make-up with Mary or find a new girl-friend.
Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I forgave you, but I want
nothing to do with you. I don’t know what made you think, I would
be crying alone at home waiting for you?

Picture of Peter at his last spiritual retreat

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  1. Hell ya you should forget about him ! I would have done the same . This poem has made laugh in weeks

  2. Inspiring. Perhaps someday a spiritual boy I know will mature. Perhaps he will not. The choice of pain or ignorance is his to make. Salutations.

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