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Pure and Noble

This story is one of my favorites since I first read it as a child, it touched my heart and it still does.   I hope you’ll find the moral of this story valuable.


In this lower world full of deceptions,
of distractions and glittery temptations,
the human heart can grow corrupt
by placing value on material things
that though needed to survive
there are far greater and more valuable things,
that to the spiritually blind seem useless.

There is a battle in this lower plane
between the forces of good and evil.
A battle for our most valuable possession.
Don’t be foolish by dabbling
with the powers of darkness
for temporal pleasures and selfish gain,
at a high exchange,
that of  your precious heart, your soul.

A True Repentance will change the heart
and clear the soul, making it noble and setting it free
opening up the eyes of the spirit
-to the true values in life.
Precious and noble is the heart that’s been redeemed
and refined in the purifying fires of The Lord!


Poem inspired by the story of The Happy Prince.


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  1. Yr poem does justice to the story. I am so sad at the end Bravo!

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