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Lost Souls (Addict)

I can only imagine the pain you have
All the signs and yet,
Everyone was oblivious
We pushed you so far away,
That there was no time for mending
Or goodbyes

I’m sure the thought of suicide
Has crossed your mind,
More than a thousand times.
So sickening to think…

I tried so hard to help you
In the many ways one could.
I never judged you…from the bottom of my heart, I love you.

I love a poor soul that is
Frail, Hurt, Alone
A soul that no Hospital could fix.
A soul I watch grow,
A soul that lost their way home
So sickening to think…

That we sleep peacefully at night
Knowing your maybe fine, maybe safe
So sickening to think…

Your birthday passed,
And no one blinked
While I was thinking of you all day
And hoped you got cake
So sickening to think…

I can’t sleep at night.

Flashbacks of your face.

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