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Built to Destroy

shakespear said hella years ago that all the worlds a stage, so im trapped with yall actors like the whole worlds a cage, in my mind the whole world is rage, mind sick, bacteriophage, tryna get out of it so i smoke that delirious sage, i mean salvia, murder in the black like dahlia, in my head its lead, my brain is flames, solipsistic narcissistic misfit mental midget with plenty limericks and heavy In-sticks. No entities ever collide with my entropy. So i barely notice when I consume them effortlessly. That’s as deep as I dig as for the rest… we’ll see. Or not. No one will show up to save us, not now not any day. Who the fuck cares anyway.
I saw a dying bird, lying on a grave.
There was no way to make the save.
Will you lie there and suffer?
In between worlds, graphics buffer.
I stomped its head in.
I wish someone would do me the favor.
Im alone, in my zone, no matter who is home.
Only inspired by death and rage, life is my cage.
Blinding lights, I’d rather pull the curtains on stage.
Please, save me, surveillance State techno-mage.
I’m nothing, you’re nothing, white paper, white ink, white flame.
We’re all the exact same.
Blah blah blah if I say enough they’ll think I think thoughts.
Maybe, just maybe, a pretty girl will see what I bought.
I’m a kid forever, my children can try and raise me.
And when they do it right, I’ll tell them stop being a baby.
Push my fingers into my eyes.
I’d rather be blind than watch you all tell lies.
I’d rather be deaf than hear you say you love me.
Mommy I’m starved, get over it, we all get hungry.
Speak and speak, progress is bleak.
I’m a waterfall, your biggest bucket is your beak.
I’m living dog-dog years, every second is a week.
Eleven million years old, still in the cold, tell me I’m weak.
Tartarus, is in the heart of us, if ignorant, you are thus.
death and life, breath and strife
It hurts, I love it.
You can’t hurt me, you just do surgery, evolve, do it hurtfully,
Beg you, Beg you, please hurt me.
Starved wolf-dog will worship the old god.
Feed me or fuck me. I’m so fucking hungry. My mind is crawling back to the pit.

Why don’t I eat you, it’s not that deep dude, you look tasty, and all I eat is shit.
The natural man, slapped in hand, will slap you right back.
You wanna fight a punching bag, what a fucking drag, I’ll never not hit you back.

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