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That sunlight, perfection’s rays
cherished days
A poem i memorized, and recited, nervously
Wonder what you’d do,
If you heard from me
Writing, nervous lightning, every time i think of thee
A purposeful ponderance,
Here i stand, upon the fence
Reach out, or head bleak down,
Back to the same world
Its nothing really, I just get the feeling,
I destroyed a perfect man
What can perfect not do, that broken can?
Pretend not to love you.

Rose petals scattered in a tornado
Do anything, if she would say so.
Perhaps, we go for pasta, Alfredo?

It’ll never happen, just start rapping
Atleast use it for something.
all but nothing,
Aptikos, hellion, ruffian, beast
Names for an articulate, impulsive child
Pain is that thing’s feast

Arrogant, Resentful,
Apparently, Mental
Joker, Batman
Im a Ledger, without Bale
Swing your sledge, or eat your kale
I trim the hedge, and sit here in my jail

Is there a life, where i do not dream of you?
Its been a thousand days, since your browns were in my blues
Abhorrent love, won’t you go away
a torrent of, everytime i try to slay

Run on, run on
Run your life away
Oh come on, oh come on
What could i ever say

Hello, my dear, have you forgotten me
Im the one with the strong eyes,
under a rotten tree
Seems I cut the wrong ties
Didn’t you cut me?
At least your blade touched me
Am I that hungry?
Nobody is you, i hate the fact,
Cupid has stung me
Im a devil devil devil man
I need love but i never can
Let it happen
I start snapping
And everything falls apart

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