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my experience with airplanes

I have divorced parents that live in different states.

So I fly a lot.

I have flown since my mom was pregnant with me.

Even though planes have real danger and many people are scared of them,

I always feel a strange feel a strange sense of comfort.

Flying by myself has of course, strengthened my independence and map skills,

but also is always a safe spot and a consistent routine..

I find my seat, pull out my headphones, starting with the album, “Memories…Do Not Open” by the Chainsmokers.

I Whatsapp my parents and then read a book, watch a downloaded movie, play a game, or nap.

The plane moves out and taxis to the runway.

Increasing speed and liftoff.

I watch the everchanging scenery if its light outside.

Turbulence, drinks/snacks, touchdown, walk out of the plane.


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