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Light and thunder

Frankness triggers outbursts
observe energies rise to surface.
Sides of different truths, each hold their banner
be true to what you follow, then reap the consequences
good or bad is the harvest of what’s been sown.

Have you ever tried to control the speed of light
and manipulate her to meet your scheduled needs?
thunder tried to control light.
Light and thunder move at different speeds
thunder (Apep) was not a primordial force
but born as a consequence of Ra’s birth,
from Ra’s umbilical cord.
Ra the solar deity, the bringer of Light
Apep, (Apophis, great serpent) the enemy of Ra,
the lord of chaos.

Evil in Egyptian theology
is the consequence of an individual’s own struggles
against non-existence.
The roar of the underworld encapsuled in thunder.
And therefore Light (lightning) appears before it thunders
they don’t show-up together and thunder’s learned to accept
that Light arrives first.

“Speak your truth or die a lie.”
Light reigns eternal!

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