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People come and people go, we say that person is someone I know.

But a friend is different, you must understand, for a friend is someone you extend a hand.

When a friend is sad you cheer them up, you open a door, no mater what.

When they are cold you offer heat, when they lose their footing you give them feet.

A friend wants nothing but the best for you and as a friend you offer this too.

You say I’m here, I’m here for you, no matter the problem, its just what friends do.

A friend is happy when you do well, they keep a secret if there’s one to tell.

They never pass judgment for mistakes you have made, they offer you guidance to come out of the shade.

A shoulder to cry on, when you feel alone, a soft place to land when you drop like a stone.

A friend offers comfort, laughter and tears, a safe place to hide when you run from your fears.

So people may come and people may go, but a friend is that person that you truly know.

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