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A week of calls and texts 

Filled with lust and wanton sex 

Smelling our own aroma of our genitalia 

Pungent and palpable 


I’m on the edge of insanity 

Leaning on the cusp of surrender 

Do I give myself fully 

Or take my soul somewhere else 

I want thee all of thee 


I want your mind and skin 

Surender your self to my will 

And I will take you to the moon and we will 

Dance and shake the stars 

The sun will rise and shower us with pleasure 

Leisure at my feet 

While I sooth your head and body 

And then maybe we can do it all over again 

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  1. A stimulating read. An appetite that isn’t always as easy to satiate as plunging into a wedge of pie.

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