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i hate this month; I really do

For I dread the middle

With candy, cards and flowers advertise with gusto

The million products for love that are on TV

Like the French commercials for prefume that confuse me

Using young gorgeous people

As though, the fat and ugly are cast out

Into the land of nothingness

And old are too old for romance

I think that’s the reason, my Mum used to say

They’re nothing but pepper in the eyes

And I am only saying this because I am old and lonely

But I do hate this month

As it will be my dog and I curled in bed for the rest of month

Reading for Black History Month

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  1. The world cashes in on holidays, don’t let it bring you down.
    Beautiful models, perfume, flowers, candy… it’s falseness, glitter for the eye.
    God sees the beauty of the heart and not the age or outer looks.
    Praying for you and sending love.

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