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A Candle

Oh woeful life

The detritus of human emotion

Spreads like a wildfire

But as it surrounds me I have hope

I shine my light

But people would rather be blind,

Blind to the destruction and hopelessness of the world.

Oh he told me

He warned me

Thine enemy would fight the light that I seek,

But I am armed with heavenly weapons.

I need no soldiers to fight this battle

I only need that what he is within me.

How I wish to spread the strength that I have found,

Must I pry their eyes open to see the love that is so free to them?

So many would rather pay the price of pain rather than accept what has been freely given to them.

Can I shine bright enough,

can I strike down the giant of evil with my single stone alone?

Oh how I yearn to show others the happiness and peace in life

I am not always happy but I can always find it.

Every stone on the ground and every creature of the Earth has a purpose in this life.

I wish everyone to hear the voice of the creator in the wind,

The strike of a storm,

The calm of a moment,

To understand the bearing of a cross.

I hope he gives me the strength to speak the music of his intent.

Life is not meant to break a heart

Or meant to be lived in acceptance of a dark world.

The candle of these souls simply need their wick to be lit,

For one candle can light a small portion of a place

But many can bring light to the whole world.

For darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.






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