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Just Desserts

After a mid-morning walk in the wintry cold

I stopped at a coffee shop

The warmth of a coffee could hit the spot

I waited in line and started to stare at the doughnuts

That made my sweet tooth scream “Get ONE!”

So, I spruge and ordered a coffee and a Boston Cream

I paid and grabbed my order

And as I went, I bumped into you

You didn’t look glad to see me

And I barely recongised you

But our eyes met without a word

And I was reminded of those gorgeous blue eyes

And how they twinkled when you saw me before

Now, the sadness has made them dull and lifeless

I smiled and walked away

As I continued to walk, I began to laugh

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  1. Nice work! Coffee and doughnut hit the spot after a walk in the cold.
    Glad you smiled and then laughed.

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