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So Bad

haha im so bad I put a ban on nanaz and danaz, which resulted in potassium rich wanna be gangsterz, I give matchez to little kidz playing with twigz and stickz in the forest, when the treez are dry and the leavez are orange, shaking off last seasonz greenz and olivez, from lush to horrid with one spark, start a burning house of horrorz and turn a national park or landmark into an ashy graveyard of black and gray, so parentz all over the place can tell their little shitz to go play in the big ass ashtray I just made haha

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  1. Like the flo, the rhythm of this, sounds hip-hop inspired.

    • ha thankz dude, it kind of is, itz from this other thing I wrote a while ago:
      ha my homie horrace got his face burnt by an orange flame so dorris from the florist came home to a house of horrorz so horrace ran away and hid his ass in the forest and lived the rest of his dayz in cage in a cave of onyx that foreign slavez in chainz gotta polish and raise snakez that forage for grapez and olivez that they crush up and place in a plate of porridge, hidden vitaminz to keep him healthy, coz thatz all he can eat, with a face looking like freddy from the nightmare on elm street haha

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