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3 poems

1               Time

Marries the day with the night

a lasting bond that is always new

leaving time no past to leave

a moment from its vital voice.


No shadow of a dawn or a dusk

only the purity of what it is

an utterance awoke by a silent call

an unknown ministry by an aspire change.


Belonging to life where even then

always there was a human touch

waiting its time to find its way

so time would know its not alone.


A heartbeat and an echo their journey to join

following the secret to each never known

a creation of each into the other’s world

as the morning of life is welcomed by time.



2               Light from its Dream.

Slumber yourself in the wings of a dream

and rest in the arms of a dawning sleep

where the growing petals of what is new

opens into a stream of a clear water flow.


A redemption of life that eases the way

through the thorns on the tears of an undressed heart

a freedom of breath surrounded by where

love is an echo that unshadows the journey.


A morning that comes from the dressing of change

its bride to a child in its hourglass of need

designed by prayer that un-wills its kind

and touches life’s waters with the light from its dream.


3               Bluebell Spring

The brownish grows within his dusk

where passion cries into his heart

blinding tears into a sorrow

no off ramp but hurt on a broken road.


No dwelling path to rise the sun

upon a soul who walks alone

with the beat of the winter and the darkness of soul

a weeping apart from the birth of his star.


Yet never complete does life hide away

there’s always awhile waiting where change

opens its magic and hope becomes new

bestowing a light to the darkness of time.


So lay down your sorrow and breath into you

not into a mirror that cancels the years

for your pasture it waits in a bluebell spring

living its season with you in its birth.







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