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Squishy truth

I still dream of kisses I gave you girl
And the glow in your eyes, as you looked to mine
That little tucked behind the ear curl
Rose petal pillow tornado swirl
Rain from my ocean
Poetry in motion
Kisses from your lips to eyes, to toes
I miss you little lady
I know I’m crazy
I wanna fuck you slow
It’s been a few years, we’ve both had time to grow
She’s a dove, I’m a crow
Quo did she go
You sent me a picture with your nephew, just a sweet little guy
I saw you holding that baby, now I start to cry
I love you, I need you, I want you to have mine
Remember as kids, we had that pregnancy scare?
Seems to me we missed a version of heaven back there
don’t have dreams as perfect as you
Any other girl might as well be a shoe
They’re pretty cool,might try them on
Your arms are the home, where I take them off
I’m way too into you, I’d rather not feel so much
Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of your touch
I dreamt last night, standing between a wolf and my kitten
I wasn’t afraid or excited, just amped and calculating
What must I do that is harm mitigating
I woke up, we never really broke up,
Crying in trains and airports
What am I really scared for?
years, my dear one, two, one two, three
Will you and I, ever turn back to we?
Is that God’s plan, or just my plea?

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