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Dug the hole

Lay the mine

It’s a trap

It’s a trap

Trip the wire

Now your fried


I’m leaving

They leaning towards the morning star

Shoot for par?

Thought they wanted to spar

Look how far

They got us

Trust U.S.

Just about nobody these days

Who voted for Joe?

Just about everybody, they say

Had a dream

That was more on par with reality

Now it’s time to get back to sleep

Sitting in traffic

Next to masked sheep

Beep, to say high

Fingers my reply


Fill the Hole

Get back to work

We got more

To dig

So we dig

And we dig

Ya dig

We just doing what we’re told to did


Point, point but can’t grasp the blame

That could be the only task

We could dig a mass grave

Still not trace the source

Source, there only be one

Courses when they eat be seven

I’m of no relation

Explains the lack of invitation

‘Parentlty my blood contagious

Apparently my parents mere

Peasants mingingly

Guess the DNA not rare enough


So we dig and dig

Point and shoot

Until it’s us




But there’s definitely no ?’s









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